Don Kellogg

Rock 106’s Don Kellogg Monday – Friday at 2pm

Don serves as the Program Director of Rock 106. That means if you have a question, comment or complaint, he is the person  to contact.

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Kellogg was born in Dallas, TX, grew up in Dayton, OH. and graduated high school in Waco TX.. He relocated to Louisiana in 1986, after earning his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army.

Don joined Rock 106 in June of 2008 and is the longest running air personality in the history of  KXRR!

When not on the radio you can find him playing guitar or hanging out around a sound booth.

He has jammed on stage with Knucklestone, Dorian’s Fall, Eight Feet Thick and many other artist.

The photo included is Kellogg jamming at the Revn’ On The River fundraiser.

Kellogg is a “Dudes, dude” according to a good friend of his. All we know is that he prefers to surround himself with hotties!

(“This was a VERY good night” – Kellogg)